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470 T Axygen PCR-05-C (PCR Tube 0.5ml, Flat Cap)
469 T Axygen PCR-02-NC (0.2ml thin-wall no cap PCR tubes)
468 T Axygen PCR-02D-C (PCR Tube 0.2ml, Domed Cap)
467 T Axygen PCR-02-C (PCR Tube 0.2ml, Flat Cap)
466 T Axygen Robotic Tip & Bcekman Biomek FX
465 T Axygen Robotic Tip & Bcekman Biomek
464 T Axygen TF-1000 (Filter Tip 100~1000uL)
463 T Axygen TF-series (Filter Tip 0.5~1200ul)
462 T Axygen TF-300, TF-400 (Filter Tip)
461 P Axygen PCR-SP (SealPlate Film)
460 P Axygen PCR-AS-200, PCR-TS (AluminumSeal Film, ThermalSeal Film)
459 P Axygen P-96-450V-C (96 'V' well Assay plate)

458 P Axygen AM-2ML-RD-IMP (Chemically Resistant Sealing Mat for 96 Well Assay Plates with Round Wells)

457 P Axygen AM-2ML-RD (Sealing Mat for 96-well Assay plates with Round Wells)
456 P Axygen P-96-450R-C (96 Round Well Assay plate)

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